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What are the important effects of the integrated machine radiator on the machine?

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What are the important effects of the all-in-one radiator on the machine? The all-in-one radiator is very useful for machines. Machines are like humans. If the temperature is too high, they will lose their functional ability. Just like humans, when the temperature is too high, their brains cannot react and their limbs are weak. This is also true for machines. For example, Our computer reacts too slowly when the temperature is too high, and it will drive the driver if the temperature is particularly high.

Here we will introduce some knowledge of passive cooling. For passive all-in-one radiators, this can be divided according to the heat dissipation medium, which can be divided into air cooling, water cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, and chemical refrigeration. There are about four heat dissipation methods.

Air cooling is like literally meaning that the heat emitted by the CPU is taken away by the cooling fan. The heat dissipation medium of the air cooling of the all-in-one radiator is air.

Water cooling is to take away a large amount of heat emitted by the CPU through the flow of water. The heat dissipation medium of water cooling is a liquid such as water. Its efficiency is higher than that of air cooling. However, it has a fatal weakness, that is, the cooling equipment is complicated and there is water leakage. Therefore, it has not yet entered the large-scale practical stage.





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