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What issues should be considered when judging the quality of the all-in-one radiator?

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1. Material selection of all-in-one radiator: It is generally believed that the thicker the steel pipe, the better, the thicker the steel pipe is less likely to leak water, but it is not. Although some steel pipes are thick in terms of material, some are black steel pipes. Black steel pipe is a steel that is banned by the state. It will turn black after oxidation. The regular manufacturers use high-quality tensile grade low-carbon steel, which has high corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, and durability.

2. Plastic powder: Many consumers mistakenly believe that the thicker the plastic powder coating on the surface of the all-in-one radiator, the better. In fact, if the coating is too thick, it will easily cause delamination and discoloration during the use of the radiator. Therefore, when choosing a radiator, it is best to cover with plastic powder coating uniformly, without showing the background color, and with a smooth surface. Such a radiator is not only beautiful, but also has good durability.

3. Section: The internal structure of the all-in-one radiator can be seen through the section. Steel radiators generally require a layer of anti-corrosion coating. The reason is that the water quality in Beijing can easily corrode the radiators. A good internal anti-corrosion coating evenly covers the inside of the all-in-one radiator, and a smooth inner cavity is also a prerequisite for creating high-quality internal anti-corrosion.

4. Welding: One of the most important technical processes for all-in-one radiators is welding. Generally, regular manufacturers use industrial automated production lines, while powerful manufacturers use robots. The robot has a high level of welding technology, and its welding points are evenly distributed, and there is no break point and no welding slag in the continuous welding seam. Consumers can put their fingers into the inside of the all-in-one radiator to feel whether the internal solder joints and weld seams are evenly distributed.





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