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How To Choose CPU Air Cooled Heat Sink?

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The custom heat sink is used to cool the CPU. When buying a boxed CPU in the past, a heat sink was usually given as a gift. But now more and more CPUs no longer come with a heat sink. In addition, the heat sink that comes with it is generally not very effective. So I usually buy another heat sink myself.

There are two main types of radiators on the market: air cooled heat sink and water cooled heat sink

The air cooled heat sink is mainly through heat conduction, the heat is transferred to the heat sink through the heat sink, and then the heat is blown away by the fan on the heat sink.

Liquid cooling heatsink is to use a pump to circulate the cooling liquid in the heat pipe for heat dissipation. The heat-absorbing part on the radiator absorbs heat from the computer CPU. The heat absorbed by the heat absorption part circulates to the heat sink to cool down and then circulates back. This kind of heat dissipation is better, but the price is higher.

This article mainly talks about air-cooled heat sink, what kind of air cooling is better

For air cooling, it is actually very straightforward. Mainly depends on the material of the cpu heat sink, heat sink, heat pipe and fan

Nowadays, the heat sink material is mostly a combination of copper and aluminum. Combining the advantages of copper to absorb heat quickly and aluminum to dissipate heat, this combination of materials has become the mainstream of the market.

The heat sink can be summarized as the thicker the fin, the more, and the bigger, the better the heat dissipation effect.

The more heat pipes, the thicker, the better the heat dissipation effect.

The greater the fan power and the stronger the wind, the better the heat dissipation effect. (Low noise also needs to be considered).






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