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Performance And Advantages Of Custom Copper Heatsink

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The main materials of custom heat sinks are aluminum and copper. Custom copper heat sinks are very common in electronic products. So what are the performance and advantages of copper heat sinks?

Performance and advantages of custom copper heatsink

long lasting. The chemical properties of copper are inactive, and it is difficult to react with oxygen and water in the air at room temperature. Under normal circumstances, the corrosion resistance of copper is 25 times that of steel, so custom copper heatsink can be used in a wider area and has a long service life. .

Good thermal conductivity. Materials with good thermal conductivity tend to absorb heat quickly and dissipate heat quickly. If some systems require a large amount of heat absorption or heat dissipation during use, materials with good thermal conductivity should be used. From the perspective of pure metal thermal conductivity rankings, silver (about 418.6) is the best, copper (about 393.5), aluminum (about 211.9), tungsten (about 166.2), magnesium (about 153.7), etc. The thermal conductivity is worse than pure metal. It can be seen that the thermal conductivity of copper radiators is the best among industrial metals.

High heat exchange efficiency. The heat transfer efficiency of the finned heat exchanger depends on two factors, one is the temperature of the heat medium, and the other is the material of the fin tube. Using the controlled variable method, we can know that in the case of isothermal heat medium, the better the thermal conductivity of the material, the higher the heat transfer efficiency, and vice versa, combined with the thermal conductivity ratio of the pure metal above, the heat transfer efficiency of the copper radiator High is well-founded.

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