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Type of CPU Heat Sink

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When the CPU is working, a large amount of heat is generated. If the heat is not released in time, it may cause a crash in the slightest, and may burn the CPU in severe cases. The CPU heat sink is used to dissipate heat for the CPU. The custom heat sink plays a decisive role in the stable operation of the CPU. It is very important to choose a good heat sink when assembling the computer.

Custom CPU heat sink can be divided into air cooling, heat pipe and water cooling according to its heat dissipation method.

Air-cooled heat sink This is the most common type of custom heat sink, including a cooling fan and a heat sink. The principle is to transfer the heat generated by the CPU to the heat sink, and then take the heat away through the fan. It should be noted that different types and specifications of CPU use different heat sinks.

The heat pipe heat sink is a heat transfer element with extremely high thermal conductivity. It transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of the liquid in the fully enclosed vacuum tube. Most of these fans are "air-cooled + heat pipe", with the advantages of both air-cooling and heat pipe, and have extremely high heat dissipation.

The water-cooled heat sink uses liquid to forcefully circulate under the drive of the pump to take away the heat of the radiator. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, stable cooling, and less dependence on the environment.






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