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Why do many people choose Tower CPU heat sink?

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Many installed users will tend to Tower heat sink when selecting CPU heat sink, but we know that custom heat sink has a lower pressure heat sink, but unless it is a small chassis, it will basically no one chooses this. So why don't you choose the pressing heat sink? Is the heat dissipation effect of Tower heat sink better than under pressure?

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First we can compare the overall structure of heat sink and Tumor heat sink. It can be seen that the size gap between Custom heat sink is very large, this is why the small chassis can only select the reason for the lower air heat sink. Both heat sinks are the design of the heat pipe direct contact with the CPU.

Compare the thickness of the two heat sink, you can see that the tower heat sink is basically about three times the lower pressure radiator, that is, the area of the heat dissipation fins is the same as the same amount, the heat dissipation of the tower heat sink The fin area is about 6 times the lower pressure heat sink. The heat dissipating fins can exist faster to emit heat out to indirectly improve the thermal conductivity of the CPU and the base.

The large box, the high-end motherboard generally does not have to press the heat sink because the high-end motherboard will be equipped with a heat dissipation module to the components that need heat, so the Tower heat sink is the best choice, and only needs to heat the CPU.





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