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Why do you need a custom heatsink

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  There are many types of heat sinks on the market today, so for most equipment cooling, we can find the right heat sink to use with it, but there will still be some more complex equipment, unconventional types of equipment for which ordinary heat sinks cannot meet the cooling requirements, or when you are not satisfied with the cooling performance of a commercially available heat sink and want better cooling, you will need a custom heatsink.

       When customizing a heat sink for a customer, Coolsolte can use one of our range of standard heat sinks and modify it to meet the thermal application requirements. Custom standard heatsinks help reduce heatsink costs and significantly reduce prototyping time. We can also look at existing extrusions for larger heatsinks before cutting them into standard heatsinks. If it is impossible to modify a standard heatsink, our engineering team will design a custom heatsink solution using the most appropriate manufacturing process.

custom heatsink 

Custom Heatsink Types

       As we mentioned above, there are many types of heatsinks on the market today, so for custom heatsinks, we can also choose the most suitable type from various categories to customize. Here are the types of custom heatsinks.


Machined Custom Heatsink

       Machined custom heatsinks use Coolsolte's highly versatile machining capabilities. Machined custom heatsinks are ideal for low to medium volumes with low setup costs. Radian offers high precision machined heatsinks with complex features, contours, cutouts, and through holes.


Extruded Custom heatsinks

       Aluminum extrusions are often the primary method of producing low-cost custom heatsinks.


Casting Custom heatsinks

       The investment casting process allows for the cost-effective production of complex custom heatsink designs in a short period. Investment casting is well suited for producing prototypes and minor to medium volume production.


Die-Cast Custom heatsinks

       Aluminum offers cost-effective die-cast custom heatsink solutions for medium to high-volume production. Coolsolte uses Thermocast, a proprietary technology, to die-cast a highly thermally conductive aluminum alloy with thermal conductivity of approximately 160 W/m-k.


Forged Custom heatsinks

       Custom forged heatsinks can be manufactured using special open die tools and high pressures to form thin sections, high precision heatsinks. High aspect ratios can be achieved using precision forging.


Turned Custom heatsinks

      Turned custom heatsinks combine special cutting tools and controlled shaving techniques to produce heatsinks from a single piece of material, such as copper or aluminum. The typical result is a thin finned heatsink with a dense shape and evenly distributed fins.


Custom Stamped Fin heatsinks

     Custom stamped fin heatsinks are made from aluminum or copper sheets where the metal is stamped into a specific configuration depending on the intended application. For maximum design flexibility, fins can be stamped into various geometries and thicknesses. Stamped fin custom heatsinks are helpful for medium to large volume production.





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