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5 Misunderstandings In Choose CPU Heatsink

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For many installed users, because the CPU and the graphics card is a fever main part, the graphics card Heat Sink comes with, so the user has no way to choose. So the user can choose freely for Custom CPU heatsink, but with many users don't know, there have been five misunderstandings in custom CPU cooler selection. Let's talk about the misunderstanding of CPU heat sink.

cpu heat sink

CPU Heat Sink Select Misunderstanding 1: What is the bigger the fan?

Different Custom CPU Air Cooler have different sizes of fans, diversified products provide users with a more rich choice, while large-sized fans are not only visually more impact, but also large-sized fans in the impression of the average. Drive a larger airflow, this is also why many friends prefer big fans.

The size of the fan does affect the air volume directly, thereby providing different heat dissipation effects, but the air volume is not simply determined by the fan size, the number of blades of the fan, the shape design of the blade can also result in different air volume, these parameters It will exceed the impact of the fan size on the air volume.

Even if the number of parameters such as the shape of the shape, the larger the fans, the better the fan. To know, the larger the fan, the greater the noise, and the user who focuses on mute, it will affect the experience, the fan is not simple, the better.

CPU Heat Sink Select Misunderstanding 2: Tower cooling is blowing?

For tower heat dissipation and low blowing heat, I believe that most users choose tower heat dissipation, because in general, the larger Customizable CPU Cooler has a larger surface area, and the heat dissipation effect is also improved. Tower Heat Sink usually has a larger volume, the intermediate transparent design makes the air to flow better, plus the tower heat sink is often higher, so many people think that the Tower Heat Sink is blowing HEAT SINK is good.

CPU Heat Sink Select Misunderstanding 3: Is it a tight better?

Many users always think that heat sink should be better and better when installing the Custom CPU Air Cooler, and the screws are very tight, which is actually wrong, because Heat Sink and CPU are closely fitted to thermally conductive silicone. Reduce the thermal resistance between the two, provide better heat dissipation performance, but the tightness of the installation is also limited, and the hardware is mainly the main board, which is mainly the main board.

Some Customizable CPU Cooler is fixed on the motherboard, while the motherboard is limited, once the Heat Sink is too tight, it will oppress the motherboard, resulting in a deformation, resulting in irreversible damage. Coupled with the weight of Heat Sink is relatively large. If the board does not screw all the screws, it will be greatly affected.

So in general, the snap-connected Heat Sink can be buckled, and the Heat Sink tightened with screws can have a large resistance when screwing the screw. After the installation, Heat Sink will not sway or rotate, the motherboard is not deformed. It is also a basis for judging the reasonable heat sink installation.

CPU Heat Sink Select Misunderstanding 4: Is the mirror base must be better?

Heat Sink has to heat transfer with the CPU surface, and the heat conduction effect of the contact surface directly affects the heat dissipation performance of custom Heat Sink. So we just said that silicone selection and how much silicone is a science. In addition to silicon, the Heat Sink base is also an consideration place.

Since the high-end cold cooling is basically used by the nickel plating process, everyone feels that the heat dissipation performance of the mirror base is fixed directly to the heat pipe. Because of the smooth and flattened first impression, there is this general judgment.

In fact, it does not necessarily, and the heat pipe direct contact, due to the nickel-plated treatment, the HEAT SINK of the mirror design will increase a heat transfer to the nickel-plated surface to the heat pipe during conducting heat, so the heat dissipation effect is not certain. good.

Nickel-plated mirror sockets are really smooth than the heat pipe direct, but if you observe the microscope, there is still a lot of potholes. Therefore, no matter what face, it has to be solved by silicone.

In short, the most important thing is the material problem and process issues. HEAT SINK products with good materials can have excellent heat dissipation. So we saw a lot of graphics cards, many of the first-line graphics cards have already returned to the direct contact of the pure copper catheter, which is this principle.

CPU Heat Sink Chooses Misunderstanding 5: Water is excellent, cold cold is inferior?

Custom CPU Water Cooler, once seen as a tulex level. Instead of air cooling, as a popular heat dissipation. From the positioning, Custom CPU Water Cooling is higher than that of air cool. Naturally, it is easy to feel a feeling: water is cold, and the air is cold. Once, this sentence is correct, but now, it has become a misunderstanding.

From the heat dissipation method, water-cooled heat dissipation capacity is much larger than the traditional air-cooled Heat Sink because the speed of the Custom Water Cooler PC is far greater than the air-cooled Heat Sink that uses heat pipes to conduct heat. However, in the past, water-free cooling is difficult to install, and the price is high, it is difficult to enter the people's home. In order to popularize water, peripheral manufacturers has developed an integrated water.

One of the water cooled is to buy it, do not need complex assembly, tube and irrigation process, easy, pleasant, in line with the fast food culture of modern society. However, the internal deposits are small, resulting in a substantial shortage of the distance from the water flow cycle, and heat cannot be completely discharged. At the same time, the noise of integrated water cooling Heat Sink is more difficult to control, and the thickness and density of the Custom CPU Water Cooling heat-sink requires a large wind pressure cooling fan to complete the heat sink, which is easy to cause noise problems.

Therefore, one Custom Water Cooler PC is not as good as high-end wind. Now some integrated water-cooled Heat Sink is flat at the price of high-end products that are known as the king of the air-cooled king, but there are still many players that they will resolutely use high-end air cooling products, which is this reason.


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