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What is the solution to the high heat of the projector radiator?

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What is the solution to the high heat of the projector radiator? As people's needs for large-screen output become stronger and the price of projectors continues to drop, people are exposed to projectors more frequently in their lives. Regardless of work needs or home use, for most users, facing the projector is still a novice, what they do is simply project the picture on the screen or wall, and how to maintain and extend the life of the projector Little is known.

Among them, the projector also needs maintenance and reasonable use, especially in terms of heat dissipation, which is the top priority. After the projector has been working for a long time, if you put your hands on the cooling fan on the back of the projector, you will obviously feel that there is a rush of hot heat continuously emitting, then do you know where this heat comes from? ? If the heat is not removed in time, will it cause damage to the projector? So how do we take measures to let the projector effectively dissipate heat?

1. Where does the projector heat come from?

When you read the product parameters of the projector, you must have noticed that there is a parameter about the lamp power. In fact, the reason why the projector can project light depends on this backlight lamp. The projector needs a high intensity of brightness. In order to project the image clearly on the screen, its power is generally above 100W. When the projector works continuously for a long time in such a small space, the lamp will emit huge heat.

At the same time, the built-in projector power supply will also emit a lot of heat. If this heat is not radiated in time, it will cause a high temperature inside the projector. Under high temperature conditions, the working efficiency of the projector will decrease. The projector’s service life will be greatly shortened if it works for a long time. In fact, most electrical appliances do not have the ability to withstand high temperatures for a long period of time.

2. The harm of heat to the projector

The large amount of heat emitted by the projector’s imaging system will cause the projector’s internal temperature to rise rapidly, and the quartz on the inner wall of the projector’s bulb will devitrify at high temperatures, resulting in white spots. The devitrification of the light will block the light. The temperature in this local area rises abnormally, which causes the devitrification area to be further expanded, which causes the brightness to decay rapidly, and it is likely to cause the bulb to explode.

In addition, the physical nature of the chip board inside the projector determines that its working temperature is not allowed to be too high. Once the temperature of other optical components exceeds its tolerance range, it will also cause damage to the optical components. The heat emitted from the power supply of the projector will cause the temperature of the power supply to be too high, which will cause the electrolytic capacitor of the internal power supply of the projector to dry up, which will cause the power switch tube of the projector to burn out.

3. Projector heat dissipation design

At present, many projectors on the market use the method of installing a fan set inside the projector to dissipate the heat generated by the optical imaging system inside the projector and the heat generated by the power supply part of the projector; The machine works under the action of the fan, and its interior will be in a state of thermal equilibrium.

In addition, after using the projector for a long time, the power cannot be cut off immediately, because the internal temperature is high at this time. Once the heat dissipation system stops working immediately, the accumulated heat will not be dissipated, embosser which will also cause damage to the projector. The correct way is to turn off the bulb, let the cooling system continue to work for a few minutes, and then turn off the power completely when the temperature drops. Now some projectors have a delayed shutdown function, which will automatically shut down the entire host after the heat dissipation is completed, so that users don't have to wait for the heat to be dissipated by the projector.

The heat dissipation of the projector is a problem that is difficult to solve at the moment. Major manufacturers are also actively studying ways to improve, such as improving the fan structure, increasing the air supply, reducing the heat of the bulb, etc., I believe that one day, we don’t need to provide the projector anymore. Worry about fever.


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