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Laptop Heatsink Fan
  • Type of CPU Heat Sink


    When the CPU is working, a large amount of heat is generated. If the heat is not released in time, it may cause a crash in the slightest, and may burn the CPU in severe cases. The CPU heat sink is used to dissipate heat for the CPU. The custom heat sink plays a decisive role in the stable operation Read More

  • What Is a Heat Sink?


    Heat sink is a heat-conducting metal device that absorbs the heat of high-temperature objects and then disperses it to other places to keep it away from the high-temperature objects. The temperature of the high-temperature objects is stable. The radiator transfers the heat generated by the electroni Read More

  • What is the solution to the high heat of the projector radiator?


    What is the solution to the high heat of the projector radiator? As people's needs for large-screen output become stronger and the price of projectors continues to drop, people are exposed to projectors more frequently in their lives. Regardless of work needs or home use, for most users, facing the Read More

  • What issues should be considered when judging the quality of the all-in-one radiator?


    1. Material selection of all-in-one radiator: It is generally believed that the thicker the steel pipe, the better, the thicker the steel pipe is less likely to leak water, but it is not. Although some steel pipes are thick in terms of material, some are black steel pipes. Black steel pipe is a stee Read More

  • What are the important effects of the integrated machine radiator on the machine?


    What are the important effects of the all-in-one radiator on the machine? The all-in-one radiator is very useful for machines. Machines are like humans. If the temperature is too high, they will lose their functional ability. Just like humans, when the temperature is too high, their brains cannot re Read More


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