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About CPU coolers, which one is right for me? Air cooling or liquid cooling?

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For CPU cooling options, there are generally air-cooled cooling and water-cooled cooling (i.e., liquid cooling), so which method of CPU cooling should we choose for our computer to be the most suitable?

The following professional CPU cooler manufacturer Coolsolte will share with you how we should choose the most appropriate way to cool our CPU between air cooling and liquid cooling.

cpu cooler

Should you choose air cooling or water cooling for your CPU? This depends on several factors: budget, cooling performance, and appearance.


Without a doubt, if you are budget-conscious, air cooling is your best choice. Noctua's $50 air cooler or Quiet! It will compete extremely well with the cheapest liquid coolers, which can easily cost $70 or more. The cheapest known liquid coolers have heat sinks only 120 mm wide, so they can only support a single fan. These compact liquid coolers sacrifice a lot of cooling potential to be as cheap as possible, which makes it harder to justify their increased cost relative to a good air cooler.

Thermal performance

With improved thermodynamics compared to air coolers, liquid cooling can make keeping your CPU cooler much more affordable. Powerful liquid coolers shine when paired with powerful overclocked CPUs, and together they can produce an incredible performance at ideal temperatures. In addition, the increased efficiency of liquid cooling means that fans don't have to run as fast to keep your computer just as cool, reducing noise levels.


This is entirely subjective but still worth noting because most computer cases now feature large clear side panels that allow you to view the inside of your machine. Many modern air coolers feature designs better suited to current computer components. However, some still feature large, inexpensive blocks of aluminum that may look dated among the blacked-out, cutting-edge components. As mentioned earlier, liquid coolers make themselves look better - whether they use AIO or become a significant attraction with custom cycles.

By considering all three elements above, I believe you'll be able to make the right choice between air and liquid cooling by comparing them. Of course, whether we choose air or liquid cooling, a prerequisite must be made, which is to choose the right brand and the proper manufacturer of the cooler. If the quality of the cooler is not up to par, no matter what way we choose to dissipate heat will not get a satisfactory result, right? CPU cooler manufacturers choose Coolsolte on the right.


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