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Copper Heat Sink For 3D Printer

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Pure copper and copper alloys are widely used in electric power, heat dissipation, piping, and decoration due to their excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and toughness. Copper heat sinks are widely used in manufacturing aerospace engine combustion chamber components due to their high strength. However, with the increasing demand for complex structural parts at the application end, traditional machining processes have gradually become unable to meet all the demands. For example, 3D printers have high design requirements for copper heat sinks.

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Computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices have many integrated circuits. High temperatures are the "enemy" of integrated circuits, causing system instability, shortening the system's life, and possibly even burning out some components. The heat sink in these electronic devices is used to transfer heat out and regulate the device's temperature. Therefore, the heat sink plays a vital role in the long-term stable operation of the device. In the case of computers, for example, as the demand for computing power has increased, so has the demand for the thermal performance of the equipment, which poses a challenge for optimizing the heat sink design. And maximize the thermal performance.


According to the latest market research report, the application of additive manufacturing technology, primarily metal 3D printing technology in heat sink manufacturing, has brought a higher degree of freedom for heat sink design optimization and 3D printing for heat sinks or heat exchangers. The manufacturing of products to meet the product to miniaturization, high efficiency, modularity, multi-material development trend, specially shaped, structural integration, thin-walled, thin fins, micro-channel, highly complex shapes, lattice structure and other processing, 3D printing has the advantages that traditional manufacturing technology does not have.


Shuotai, a professional Heatsink custom manufacturer, has a wealth of experience in copper heat sink design. If you also need to customize the 3D printer heat sink, contact us. Shuotai will be able to provide you with the most suitable cooling solution.


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