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CPU Heat Sink Guide: these things you should know before you buy a cpu heat sink

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CPU heat sinks are used to speed up the heat dissipation of the CPU through copper tube contact to prevent overtemperature from leading to downgrades and crashes. CPU cooling is divided into air cooling and water cooling. Air cooling heat sinks can be understood as tower air cooling (single tower, four heat pipes, six heat pipes, etc.), and water cooling can be integrated water cooling (240 water cooling, 360 water cooling (etc.) and split water cooling (more money and technology, white can not consider).

CPU heat sink

Thermal solution power consumption

The heat sink has a parameter called thermal dissipation, which means that as long as the CPU runs under this power consumption, the heat sink will be able to suppress him. For example, the power consumption of a heat sink is 165W, so as long as the CPU's fully loaded power consumption is lower than 165W, the heat sink will be able to suppress it. Total load power consumption of the CPU can refer to the various online evaluation videos.

Air-cooled cooling

Air-cooled cooling is the most common cooling method. The advantage lies in the safety and relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that the upper limit is not as high as water cooling, but for most users is enough.

Air-cooled cooling mainly depends on the number of heat pipes and area: the more common is 6mm and 8mm, the more heat pipes, the thicker, the better the performance naturally, for example, in the case of other processes are the same, four 6mm heat pipes of cooling, than four 8mm cooling efficiency is a little weaker. The cooling principle of air-cooling is the heat conduction to the fins through the copper bottom heat pipe, and the heat on the fins is taken away by the cool air brought by the fan.

Water-cooled cooling

Water cooling is also divided into integrated water cooling and split water cooling.

One-piece water cooling is now very mature, as is air cooling. Pay attention to the brand, after-sales, and claims policy when choosing one because there is a chance of water leakage, which depends on personal choice. The water-cooled heat sink's main parameters are.

1. cold row specifications: 120, 240, 280, 360. this is like the fin area of air-cooled. Of course, a larger cold row has a larger cooling area and better heat dissipation. There are thin row, standard row, and thick row distinctions. Most of the market is the standard row of 27mm thickness.

2. cold head pump speed: 2000 + rpm ~ 4000 + rpm, cold head each family also has different kinds, but the performance of the more significant impact is the cold head pump speed. This speed is simply the flow rate of water in the cold row. The faster the flow of water in the cold row, the faster the heat to the cold row to do the cooling cycle. Cooling performance is naturally better.

3. cold row fan quality: fan of this stuff category brand also a lot. Look at the fan speed. Generally speaking, with the fan speed to 1500prm and above is better. Split water cooling is not recommended for newcomers. With split water cooling, first of all, you have to have money. Based on sufficient funds, you also have to love tossing and be prepared to lose accessories. If you directly to the business custom split water cooling, you still have to have money ...... and later maintenance and so on are a lot of money, try to find a local business, if it is out of town, the later maintenance aspect is more trouble.

Note: Generally speaking, special attention should be paid to the compatibility aspect, mainly with other hardware compatibility degrees and compatibility with the motherboard. The retail cooler will be marked for what motherboard. Be sure to pay attention. Buying the wrong may not apply! Then there is the height of the cooler. The width must look good. Too high may not fit in the chassis, and too large may affect the memory stick. Be sure to ask for clear parameters before buying.

You can browse various CPU heat sink models on our "CPU Heat Sink" page, and if you have any other questions about CPU heat sinks or want to purchase or customize a CPU cooler, please feel free to comment or contact us email. Professional CPU heat sink manufacturer in China.


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