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Factors affecting CPU heat sink heat dissipation

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1. Heat transfer efficiency

1) The more heat pipes, the better; 2 to 4 belong to just good, 6 and above belong to the high-end. And the thicker the tube, the better.

2)The design of the heat transfer base

Heat pipe direct contact: the most common program, generally applied to low-end radiators. This method is to shoot the heat pipe flat, then you can directly touch the CPU heat sink, but over time there will be unevenness, thus affecting the thermal conductivity.

cpu heat sink

Copper base welding: The base is made directly into a mirror surface, which has a larger contact area and better thermal conductivity and generally uses mid-to-high-end coolers.

The uniform heat plate: similar to the heat pipe program, through the liquid evaporation of heat absorption condensation exothermic to thermal conductivity, high efficiency, and high cost, only high-end radiators will be used.

3) The design of heat sink fins and heat pipe intersection

Reflow soldering: the two are welded together, and the cost is very high, but the thermal conductivity is good, and it is not easy to cause fins to lose.

Through the piece: is to open holes in the fins, and then let the heat pipe through the fins, low cost, but there will be a problem of poor contact, easy to loosen, poor thermal conductivity.

4) Thermal grease: It is used to fill the gap between the heat sink and the CPU heat sink; the coating should be thin, and the thermal conductivity is generally 5-8, high-end in 10-15.

2. Air and fin contact area

The fins are the primary bearer of heat dissipation; they will distribute heat to the air through the fins, so the larger the area of fins in contact with the air, the better.

Air volume: The air volume is the volume of air that the fan per minute can blow out, and the air volume is expressed in CFM; the more significant, the better.


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