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How are heat sinks made?

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A heat sink is a component that helps an electronic component dissipate heat quickly, most commonly a heat sink used to dissipate heat from a CPU. a CPU heat sink is also the type of heat sink we discuss most. If you have assembled or disassembled a computer, you may have some understanding of the shape of the heat sink. If not, reading this article will also help to understand the heat sink because this article will take you to know how the heat sink is manufactured. If you want a more comprehensive understanding of CPU heat sinks, you can also read our previous article, "What is a CPU heat sink."

The best materials for heat sinks

The first step to making a heat sink is choosing the material for the heat sink, which needs to be made of a material that can absorb and dissipate excess heat without becoming too hot. This is why today's heat sinks are mainly made of aluminum, copper, or a combination of both.


Aluminum is the most common material. The metal is lightweight and has relatively good thermal conductivity.


Copper has even better thermal conductivity than aluminum. Unfortunately, it is heavy and expensive.

cpu heat sink

Heat sink manufacturing and design

Heat sinks are manufactured in a variety of ways. The process, materials used, and design affect cost and performance.

Extruded heat sinks

Most heat sinks today are made from extruded or molded aluminum. They are inexpensive to manufacture and easy to customize. The performance of extruded heat sinks ranges from low to high.

Bonded heat sinks

The advantage of these heat sinks is that the base material and the heat sink can differ. This allows for improved thermal performance while adding minimal weight. They are typically used in applications where a large-size heat sink is required. Bonded heat sinks typically offer moderate performance but are expensive to produce.

Turned Heat Sinks

Heat sinks produced by this method are usually made of copper. They offer high design flexibility and provide moderate to high-performance heat dissipation. Unfortunately, turned heat sinks are heavy.

Stamped Heat Sinks

Due to their manufacturing process, stamped heat sinks are inexpensive to manufacture. Heat consumption is considered low; most are used for low-power applications.

Forged heat sinks

Forged heat sinks are made by compressing aluminum or copper. Performance is medium. They are inexpensive to manufacture in high-volume production, but design options are limited.

CNC Machined Heat Sinks

CNC-machined heat sinks have high thermal conductivity and can be used for highly complex designs. This makes them very expensive and time-consuming to produce.

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Use of Heat Sinks in Fanless Designs

The increased demand for CPUs has led to the development of active cooling systems. But many industries could not use these PCs. They still wanted similar computing power without fans.

In response, computer manufacturers have designed PCs that are more powerful and do not consume more power than in the past. Less power means less heat. This low-power requirement has led to a global increase in demand for PCs with heat sinks.

Such fanless heat sinks are preferred for spaces requiring sterility, such as medical facilities, which are very conscious of airborne pathogens such as hospital-acquired infections and COVID-19. Computers with fans easily circulate these particles as they draw in air and blow it out to keep it cool. Therefore PCs and heat sinks with fanless designs may be the first choice for these healthcare facilities.

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