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How to choose a good CPU heatsink?

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Most people do not understand that CPU coolers are mainly aluminum and copper. Therefore, the typical fan is now commonly made of lighter aluminum because the aluminum heat dissipation effect is good. Generally, we will choose aluminum raw materials to do the primary raw materials for the radiator.

This article will detail the thermal conductivity information of the CPU heatsink; let's go over it together!

CPU heatsink

Of course, for air-cooled coolers, you also need to consider the heat capacity of the heatsink when considering the material and the coefficient of thermal conductivity. With the combination of these two parameters, the performance of aluminum will be able to reflect fully. To improve the heat transfer capacity of the radiator base, first, choose a material with high thermal conductivity, but also to solve the problem of heat sources, such as the tightness of the CPU combined with the radiator base. According to the law of heat conduction, under the precondition that the material is fixed, the conduction capacity is proportional to the contact area and inversely proportional to the contact distance. The larger the contact area, the faster it can dissipate the heat, but for the CPU, this is fixed, so the combination distance becomes more important.

Although, in theory, the heatsink base can be in close contact with the CPU, objectively, no matter how smooth the 2 contact surfaces are, there is still a gap between them. There is air with poor thermal conductivity and requires excellent design and strong grip fasteners to hold the heatsink tightly to the CPU.

In addition, something with better thermal conductivity and the ability to deform instead of air is needed to fill these gaps, such as thermally conductive silicone grease or heatsink tape. Ideally, the heatsink should be fastened to the CPU using a fastener. The contact between the heatsink and CPU is perfectly parallel to keep the contact area giant, and the small gaps between them are filled with silicone grease to keep the contact thermal resistance low.


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