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How to maintain heat sinks so as to extend their service life?

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Among the top ten brands of custom heat sinks, many of the well-known brands obtain people's confidence by providing excellent product characteristics and practical functions. These aspects are also those we pay much attention to when we are going to buy a heat sink. Therefore, how do we carry out the maintenance when using this type of high quality heat sinks?


Firstly, it is required to pay attention to the heat sink usage and storage environment. If you are not going to use a heat sink for quite a while, it should be kept securely. When choosing the place for storage, we need to pay attention to any corrosive materials such as acid or alkaline. These materials could cause corrosion to the heat sink to a larger extent and we should avoid this type of exposure as possible.

Secondly, it is required to ensure cleaning up the heat sink. After you have been using a heat sink for quite a while, there might be a large amount of dusts and dirt between the fins. If you don't clean it up in a timely fashion, the dusts piled up and it is inevitable to affect the overall cooling performance of this heat sink. This could be a threat that cannot be ignored for the devices that require cooling. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive cleaning up for heat sink on a regular basis.

Moreover, when carrying out relevant anti-corrosion treatments, it is also required to consider a plurality of related issues. For example, if we don't follow the regulated standard to carry out the selection of antifreezes and the surface coating, we might make the heat sink corroded and can no longer be used.


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