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Is It Necessary To Install A CPU Heat Sink On The Computer?

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Coolsolte is the leading cpu heat sink supplier in China, cooperating with customers all over the world. We often encounter people asking, is it necessary to install a CPU heat sink on the computer? Now, let's try it out.

1. Remove the custom heat sink on the CPU. The heat dissipation of the CPU is purely by a small fan. As a result, it was turned off for at most four seconds after it was turned on. Yes, it was turned off. I also smelled a unique burnt odor of electronic devices. I touched the CPU with my hand, and the CPU became hot and the temperature was at least 70 degrees.

2. Put the CPU heat sink on, the small fan does not blow to the custom heat sink, this time it can be turned on normally. But I turned off the computer just after I turned it on, and the temperature of the CPU heat sink was still able to withstand, about 50 or 60 degrees, and it could be pinched normally. Hold down the CPU, the temperature can bear, but the CPU feels cooler than the heat sink, indicating that most of the heat of the CPU has been transferred to the heat sink.

3. Put the custom heat sink on, and the small fan blows towards the heatsink. This time the temperature of the heat sink is similar to that of the CPU. To sum up: heatsink and small fan are good heat dissipation devices for CPU and need to be used in conjunction with each other.



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