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Introduce three common types of heat sinks

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1. Passive cooling: this is a fanless cooling device, all by their flow of air to take away the heat without any noise, but the cooling effect is inferior, so it will only appear in some abysmal performance of thin and light notebooks, and now the phone is also used in this way to dissipate heat.

Heat Pipe CPU Cooler

2. Downward pressure type cooling: fan downward blowing, able to CPU, motherboard, memory cooling, but the cooling effect is not good, will disturb the air ducts in the chassis, so it is suitable for heat generation is not much computer, and low-pressure type radiator volume is small, so generally used in minor cases.

3. Tower cooling is like a tower; massive, one-way blowing air fins and fans are the best cooling performance, but only for CPU cooling, motherboard, and memory cooling to the fan on the chassis.


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