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What ate the advantages of heat pipe heat sink?

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Heat pipe radiators are a new product produced using heat pipe technology to significantly improve much older radiator or heat exchange products and systems.

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Two types of heat pipe radiators are naturally cooled and forced air-cooled. Air-cooled heat pipe heat sinks can be made with much lower thermal resistance and are commonly used in power electronics, IGBTs, inverters, transformers, high power supplies, etc.


Heat Pipe Heat Sink

Heat pipe heat sinks consist of a sealed tube, a liquid wick, and a vapor channel. The wick surrounds the walls of the sealed tube and is immersed in a volatile saturated liquid. Distilled water or ammonia, methanol, or acetone are available for the liquid. The heat pipe radiator filled with ammonia, methanol, acetone, and other liquids still has good heat dissipation capability at low temperatures.


When a heat pipe radiator operates, its evaporative section absorbs the heat generated by the heat source (power semiconductor device, etc.), causing the liquid inside the wick tube to boil into vapor. The vapor with heat moves from the evaporation section of the heat pipe radiator to its cooling section. When the vapor transfers heat to the cooling section, the vapor condenses into a liquid. Through the capillary action of the wick on the wall of the tube, the condensed liquid can returns to the evaporation section. It repeats the above cycle process to dissipate heat continuously.


A heat pipe radiator is an efficient heat sink with unique heat dissipation characteristics. With high thermal conductivity, the temperature distribution between the evaporation and cooling sections along the axial direction is uniform and equal.


Heat pipe radiator has the following advantages:

1. fast thermal response, whose heat transfer capacity is more than 1000 times greater than the same size and weight copper tubes.

2. small size and lightweight.

3. high thermal efficiency simplifies the thermal design of electronic equipment, such as replacing air cooling with self-cooling.

4. no need for an external power supply and no special maintenance when working.

5. good isothermal performance. After thermal equilibrium, the temperature gradient between the evaporation and cooling sections is slight and can be approximated as 0.

6. safe and reliable operation, no pollution to the environment.


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