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What Is a Heat Sink?

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Heat sink is a heat-conducting metal device that absorbs the heat of high-temperature objects and then disperses it to other places to keep it away from the high-temperature objects. The temperature of the high-temperature objects is stable. The radiator transfers the heat generated by the electronic or mechanical equipment to the fluid medium (air or liquid coolant), and then dissipates from the equipment, so that the temperature of the equipment can be adjusted.

The custom heat sink is made of metal, usually copper or aluminum. Most heat sinks have heat sinks and metal foils attached to the bottom of the heat sink to help spread the heat to a larger area and to protect the normal operation of the equipment.

Dongguan Shuotai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional cpu heat sink design, development, production and sales company. The company's product line mainly includes: radiators for display devices (Monitor, TV, all-in-one), radiators for computers (CPU, GPU), radiators for projectors, radiators for servers, etc. Now it has established a supporting service production relationship with mainstream manufacturers in the industry. The company has strong design and production capabilities, and provides customers with comprehensive OEM and ODM services. Now it has an engineering research and development team of more than 10 people, which can provide customers with comprehensive 3D modeling, thermal simulation and other design analysis services; it has a variety of professional production equipment; it has an annual production of 5 million aluminum-based, copper-based and special material heat sinks ability. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. Welcome all new and old OEM, ODM customers to come to discuss cooperation matters.



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